Work with us

Whysol values teamwork and the sharing of knowledge. We are looking for people who share this spirit and wish to prove themselves, striving for constant improvement on a daily basis, through training on the job.

Whysol manages all phases of the investment cycle so our team members are highly specialized in the following different complementary fields:

  • Engineering & Construction (Infrastructure)
  • Management Consulting
  • Legal
  • Finance & Banking

We are looking for candidates with relevant professional experience or an excellent academic background and with high growth potential.

Determined individuals who are able to work in a team and have a strong multidisciplinary problem solving ability, excellent interpersonal skills and thought leadership.

Our personnel selection process consists of two steps:

  • initial screening to analyze the candidate’s background and personal/motivational characteristics
  • interview with the partners to evaluate the candidate’s skills and expertis


Junior Project Engineer for the Milan office.
The candidate will actively participate in a multidisciplinary team in the following main activities:

  • Support of technical, economic and administrative analysis and evaluation of wind and photovoltaic plant projects
  • Support in monitoring, coordination and operational management control of wind and photovoltaic plants
  • Support in relational activities with public and private bodies, deriving from the operational management of wind and photovoltaic plants

The ideal candidate is:

  • Recently graduated with a 5 year degree in engineering (Electrical – Mechanical – Environment and Territory – Energy)
  • Excellent academic training, good standing and strong motivation to work in groups
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English
  • Excellent knowledge of the Office package and the most common programming applications

Whysol ensures a young and dynamic work environment, with concrete opportunities for professional growth.

We are always looking for new talent, so join our team: send us your CV.

The candidate will be part of Whysol’s management team, assisting in the evaluation processes of the assets under management and in the business valuations of new investment opportunities.

In particular:

  • formulation and analysis of business plans;
  • market analysis and company valuations;
  • analysis and structuring of structured finance transactions (project financing);
  • scenario simulations and prospective cash flow analysis;
  • elaboration of analysis of the differences between actual and forecasted data;
  • formulation of corrective actions and proposals for improvement;
  • preparation of periodic reports on the performance of project companies.

A 5-year (3+2) degree in Management Engineering or Economics is required.
The ideal candidate is a precise and reliable person, possessing exceptional interpersonal skills, an aptitude for teamwork and the ability to demonstrate credibility and authority.
Whysol offers an excellent work environment and opportunities for professional growth.

Proficiency in English (written and oral) and Office applications is required.

We are always looking for new talent, so join our team: send us your CV.

“I see my job with Whysol as a continuous experience of learning and professional growth. The size of Whysol is conducive to the creation of a “family-like” atmosphere where we have the opportunity to work directly with our senior management team every day”.

Bethany Scovner

Communications e Investor Relations

“What surprised and convinced me about Whysol was the opportunity to concretely test all the experience and expertise I have gained over the years and to be directly involved in all decision-making, even that of a strategic nature. I was further impressed by the Company’s ability and determination to grow using entrepreneurial criteria”.  

Lamberto Custodi

Senior Project Manager Renewables

“Working in Whysol distinguishes itself from other companies in several ways: the quality of the people who work here, the opportunity to be your own entrepreneur, the possibility to interact with top management in major decisions and to make a career without having to directly compete with your colleagues, but only with yourself”.  

Federico Colombo

Project Engineer Renewables

“At Whysol you learn and grow through field experience, immediately coming into contact with a 360° vision of the project and developing the ability and flexibility to tackle new challenges. You work in a multidisciplinary team of experienced and determined individuals, with whom you interface and assess various scenarios to identify optimal solutions to problems, all without neglecting the joy of working together.”

Sara Moro

Project Engineer Renewables