About us

We are an independent
Investment Company

We select and structure investments with high expected returns, based on risk evaluation, in the Energy Transition and Digital Transformation sectors.

We are free from the constraints of organizations integrated into one large sponsoring entity and are therefore able to manage the entire decision-making process unconditionally.

We are directly involved in investments, both as managers and investors, to rapidly transform opportunities into reality.

Our numbers


Euros invested in the Energy Transition industry, between equity and structured finance. A record among Italian independent operators.


Deals evaluated every year in the Digital Transformation business. We always invest in early stage, with tickets between 3 and 10M


Years of experience in the selection and structuring of investments and target management


Years of expertise acquired by our senior partners




Alberto Bitetto
Founder and chairman

Alberto Bitetto is Founder and Chairman of Whysol Investments.
He is primarily involved in managing relationships with co-investors, deal flow and final investment decisions, and is also a board member of various Whysol portfolio companies.

Thanks to a ten-year experience in McKinsey as a consultant for prominent industrial clients, he has an extensive and in-depth knowledge of large-scale transformation processes, supported by a mindset that is both versatile and structured.  

Previously he held the role of Business Development Manager for Edison, where he was responsible for various projects in Asia, North Africa and Italy, as well as numerous project finance operations. This experience, combined with the development of the portfolio company Ital Gas Storage from 2007 onwards, has consolidated his ability to guide and implement complex projects – especially in the areas of Energy Infrastructure – and to communicate effectively with representatives from the institutional, financial and technical world.

Alberto Marcon

A lawyer with over thirteen years’ experience in business law, M&A and Project Finance, Alberto has been with Whysol Investments since its foundation in 2008. Consistent with his background, he is primarily engaged in transaction management, managing not only the legal aspects of transactions but also the structural, financial and development issues.  

In Whysol, Alberto has also been involved in the development of the portfolio company Ital Gas Storage and in the various merger and acquisition operations leading up to the present-day ownership structure and in the consolidation, financing, construction and management of the renewable energy portfolio.

Giovanni Gios

Giovanni Gios is primarily involved in Business Development activities and is responsible, in particular, for the selection, structuring and negotiation of investments in energy infrastructure.  

He joined Whysol in 2009 – immediately following graduation from university – and in less than 10 years, was promoted to partner, while acquiring an impressive commercial expertise thanks to numerous negotiations for targeted acquisitions.

He is actively involved in the development of the portfolio company Ital Gas Storage and is a member of the team which managed the acquisition, financing and construction of the renewable assets whose operational activity he now supervises.  

Previously he organized and led a finalist team in the competition for new entrepreneurial ideas sponsored by the Municipality of Trento, the “Premio impresa innovazione D2T start cup”.


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