What we do

We are specialized
in Club Deal operations,
with personal investments
by our partners.

We guide institutional investors, as well as family offices and private individuals, through the entire investment process and we are directly involved in every investment to achieve tangible results.

This model enables us to invest directly in subsidiaries.

Thanks to the experience of our partners and our team, we interact effectively with both the entrepreneurs of our target companies and with institutional interlocutors.  

We operate with a hands-on, industrial approach and are directly involved in the asset management and day to day running of the entities we invest in. In addition to capital, we dedicate our experience and expertise, applying them to the management of our investments. This is why we are extremely selective.

Innovation is the connective thread guiding us in the selection of investments, in Italy and throughout the world. We choose specifically targeted investments with a solid business model and competent management, which have a broad reference market.

Energy Transition Investment Strategy

The structural evolution of energy systems and markets is one of the most characteristic macro trends in the current global economic scenario.

Consequently, investments in infrastructure and projects that support and promote Energy Transition represent a key driver for Whysol’s long-term value creation.   

We invest in the engineering design and construction of assets and infrastructure, as well as in the management and provision of services and solutions to support the operational activities of the plants, always with a long term perspective.

We have a unique experience and track record in the management of greenfield infrastructure, from the awarding of a concession to the running of the operational business, through all phases of engineering design, financing and construction.  

This has enabled us to acquire specific skills to select new entities to invest in or to make more efficient the operational management and the capital structure of already established entities, based on an accurate risk assessment.

Digital Transformation Investment Strategy

We tend to select enterprises with an extensive target market, preferably on a global scale, which have already validated their business model and launched their sales.  

We intervene in the early stages and then go on to follow and support over time the development of the companies in which we invest, without the typical constraints of investment funds.